Is Cicis Pizza Still Around? The Best Guide to Pizza Hunting in 2023


Pizza lovers and fans are continually searching for the greatest pizzerias, both old and new, in the ever-changing world of pizza. People who enjoy pizza frequently wonder, “Will Cicis Pizza still exist in 2023?” We’re here to provide you the best advice on where to find pizza in 2023, including the current situation with Cicis Pizza and a thorough list of additional places you shouldn’t miss.

The Legacy of Cicis Pizza

For many years, this Pizza has been a mainstay of the American pizza scene. This Pizza was a favourite destination for families and pizza enthusiasts around the country because of its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet and reasonable costs. But as the culinary industry develops, so do the firms that operate inside it.

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Cicis Pizza: A Brief History

Joe Croce and Mike Cole established it in Plano, Texas, back in 1985. It immediately became well-known for its original idea of providing an endless pizza buffet with a selection of pizza flavours and toppings to suit any taste. Due to its reasonable prices and relaxed ambiance, the restaurant quickly became a favourite of families, college students, and those on a tight budget.

The Evolution of Cicis Pizza

This Pizza experienced a number of alterations throughout time to accommodate the constantly shifting tastes of pizza lovers. Despite facing its fair share of obstacles, the brand has succeeded in staying relevant in the cutthroat pizza market.

Expanding the Menu

To keep up with the evolving tastes of customers, This Pizza expanded its menu beyond traditional pizzas. Today, you can find a wide array of options, including pasta, salad, and dessert, alongside their signature pizzas.

Embracing Technology

This Pizza saw the value of online ordering and delivery services in the modern world. In order to make it simpler for consumers to enjoy their favourite pizzas from the comfort of their homes, they have invested in user-friendly applications and websites.

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Is Cicis Pizza Still Around in 2023?

What remains to be seen is if this Pizza will be around in 2023. Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Despite the difficulties many businesses have had, this Pizza has persisted and has kept up its position in the pizza market.

Finding Your Nearest Cicis Pizza

You’ll be glad to know that this Pizza still runs a number of sites around the country if you’re itching to indulge in the enduring flavours of their pizza. Use the online shop finder of Cicis Pizza to find the location closest to you and quench your pizza desire.

Beyond Cicis Pizza: Exploring New Pizza Horizons

While this Pizza continues to be a popular option for many pizza lovers, 2023 presents a bevy of other alluring alternatives.

Margherita Magic at Pizzaiolo

If you enjoy the traditional Margherita pizza, you ought to keep Pizzaiolo in mind. They have refined this Italian classic using hand-made dough, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Crafting Excellence at Artisan Pizzeria

Artisan Pizzeria is a must-go to for individuals who value handcrafted goods. An memorable eating experience is provided by their wood-fired oven, which produces pizzas with the ideal blend of crispy crust and melted cheese.

Vegan Delights at Green Slice Pizza

Green Slice Pizza stands out in the age of dietary needs with its delectable vegan alternatives. From vegan cheese to plant-based toppings, they have perfected the vegan pizza technique.

Local Treasures: Your Neighborhood Pizzeria

Don’t overlook the undiscovered treasures in your neighbourhood. The greatest pizza is frequently available just around the block. Support your neighbourhood pizzerias, where each slice is imbued with passion and tradition and if it is with soda it enhances it’s taste.

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what’s so special in Cicis Pizza?

In the world of pizza dining, CiCi’s Pizza is noted for a number of particular qualities that set it apart. The different characteristics that make CiCi’s Pizza outstanding may be summed up as providing a distinctive eating experience to its patrons.

CiCi’s Pizza is most well-known for its all-you-can-eat policy and low prices. Contrary to conventional pizza establishments, CiCi’s offers a fixed-price buffet where customers may eat as much pizza, spaghetti, salad, and dessert as they wish. CiCi’s is a favourite with families, frugal eaters, and big parties because of this philosophy, which offers an outstanding price for a delicious meal.

Another important aspect that sets CiCi’s Pizza apart is its variety. There is something for every palette among their large selection of pizza flavours, which vary from traditional pepperoni and cheese to innovative and seasonal selections. Customers continue to return because to the wide variety since they may try different flavours every time.

CiCi’s also takes pride in its dedication to customization. Customers may order freshly baked pizza with their preferred toppings and have it delivered right to their table, making for a more individualised eating experience. CiCi’s distinguishes itself from many other pizza businesses with this amount of consumer participation.

Another unique feature of CiCi’s Pizza is the welcoming environment. It is the perfect place for family trips, birthday celebrations, and informal gatherings because so many sites include game arcades. Customers are encouraged to stay, eat at their own leisure, and spend time with loved ones in the pleasant and laid-back atmosphere.

As a final point, CiCi’s Pizza constantly rolls out new menu items and promotions to show that it values innovation. This keeps the eating experience fascinating and novel for regular patrons while luring newcomers with alluring deals and seasonal specials.


Cicis Pizza is still a strong participant in the pizza industry in 2023, providing its devoted clients with scrumptious, budget-friendly choices. The pizza landscape, however, is enormous and always shifting, providing a wide range of pizza experiences for aficionados to discover. The choices are infinite, ranging from traditional margaritas to creative vegan concoctions.

The next time you ask yourself, “Is Cicis Pizza still around?” keep in mind that there will be a wide variety of pizza options available to you in 2023, not only Cicis Pizza. Find your new favourite slice by exploring, enjoying, and sampling!

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